Comprehensive ERP-System

The fastest growing ERP-system in the world.

Odoo is perhaps the ERP system that covers most functions and applications today.


The most comprehensive general database we have seen. We are therefore proud to be able to call ourselves Odoo partners in Norway. What makes Odoo so unique is that it is connected and can be used for most professional groups and in most subject areas. Here there is no need for major changes and adaptions. It can be used at an early stage of an implementation of a new system and expanded as needed. Here there are moduls and additional programs that can cover more special needs and subject areas.

Odoo covers most languages and currencies, and is therefore also very suitable for import/export companies, small and large. 
We can mention that Toyota uses it as a production system, contractors use it on engineering and customer care systems. 

Below is an overview of modules and applications Odoo can be used for.  

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A unique value                proposition

Everything you need with a first-class user experience.

Our app family works seamlessly together - giving you the ability to automate and track everything you do - centralized, online and accessible anywhere with any device.

The open source development model from Odoo has allowed us to use thousands of developers and business experts to build the world's largest ecosystem with fully integrated business apps.

With a modern and elegant technical design, Odoo's framework is unique. It allows us and our community developers to offer first-class usability that scales across all apps.

Improved usability of Odoo will be automatically rolled out to all our integrated apps.

Finally, with annual releases, Odoo is evolving much faster than any other solution.

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