Choice of IT-system

There are many reasons to consider a new IT-system. Maybe you have grown out of your current system, fallen victim to special adaptions and sevral subsystems that make computer operations complicated and expencive or you are newly started and simply need a system to grow with.

It is not an easy choice, and if you choose wrong it can, at best, be an expencive experience.  

Is there a system that covers absolutely all needs?

After many years of experience with different systems and categories of systems, we have probably never seen a system that covers absolutely all needs or is optimal in every way. Unfortunately, one becomes quite early in a procurement process aware that compromises must be made and perhaps some unpleasant choices as well.

That being said, we can honestly say that we have never seen such a complete system as Odoo. It is used in most industries. The different modules/functions can be used in different ways and it is easy to add or change fields and tabs.

Below are some of the more than 40 modules Odoo consists of.

Ready for a new future

Digitization of documents and document flow, signatures. Digital marketing on WEB, SMS, Email and Social Media. CRM, sales Employee follow-up, HR, etc. etc. Take a look below or contact us. 

Odoo  is so comprehensive that the best way to present the system is to clarify your need and then show you how it can be solved.

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